The California Institute for Biodiversity inspires teachers to awaken a love of nature in their students by emphasizing the importance of strong scientific knowledge learned through interactive engagement with multimedia, classroom activities, and, most importantly, the outdoors. It is this unique combination that CIB brings to all its Cal Alive! products and its Professional Development workshops that fosters today's students to become knowledgeable environmentally conscious citizens and STEM enthusiasts.

Professional Development

Harnessing the Power of the Outdoors

The California Institute for Biodiversity presents teacher professional development courses that get you outside doing science in the field. Whether seine netting in the San Francisco Bay or hiking to beautiful vistas in Yosemite, our courses will teach you how to use the intrinsic power of the natural world to inspire students and also educate them on the science concepts at work before their very eyes.

Educational Materials

Engagement through Interaction

The California Institute for Biodiversity produces an array of educational products through its Cal Alive! product line. From activity guides that get your students' hands dirty as they learn about coastal food webs, to resource guides that describe in detail the 53 habitats of California, to multimedia pieces that use flash animations to show the science we can't always see with the naked eye, we promise that these products will get your students engaged in and comprehending the science behind the natural world.